Georgia White is a surprise, from the very beginning. Her voice sounds like it comes from another time and another place.

It echoes greats, but yet remains firmly relevant to now. One listen to Georgia White and you’ll hear her inspirations and feel her aspirations and want to be a part of her exciting musical journey!

Georgia has been practicing music for over 10 years, first beginning with singing lessons to build her confidence up as a shy 10 year old. At just 15, Georgia was signed to her first major record label- distributed by Sony Music Australia and became a part of The Apprentices project, releasing 2 albums that showcased her incredible voice and gave us a glimpse of her unique style and promise.

Georgia is working towards writing and recording tracks for her debut EP titled “These Four Walls”, which clearly shows the enormous growth in her over these years. While balancing between being a full-time university student, Georgia “gigs” most weekends around Sydney, displaying her appreciation for all kinds of music with her ever growing song repertoire list. With her guitar, Georgia covers a large variety of genres, keeping up with the current mainstream tunes that hit the radio, to the classic and timeless songs that create a sense of nostalgia for everyone in the audience! Each song is transformed “acoustically” from their original sound into a unique arrangement, allowing the listeners to sit back and appreciate some of their favourite songs like they’ve never heard before!