LIKE OMG! The 80’s… the decade that just won’t go away…are back, RADICAL!  When surfing didn’t require the internet, we listened to mixed tapes on a Walkman, and only yuppies owned a mobile phone. We had big hair, big shoulders and big hits from: Michael Jackson Cyndi Lauper  DEVO  Blondie  Prince  Huey Lewis and The News  Dead or Alive Madonna  Culture Club  Toni Basil  Bon Jovi  Adam and the Ants  The Proclaimers  Katrina and the Waves  J.Giles Band  The Escape Club The B-52s  Billy Idol  Duran Duran  Kim Wilde The Romantics  Wham! The Bangles  The decade where music and fashion collided… so pull on your skinny acid wash ,bubbleskirts and leg warmers, pastel suitsand blue eyeshadow, tease out your permed mullet, get footloose and start moon walking to the greatest party music of all time! It’s ,like, totally awesome! It’s, like, totally gnarly!