Taylor, an Aussie-born Kiwi songstress, and Tyler, a New Zealand-born Kiwi guitarist, are a duo connected through family and music, to form TIWI.  TIWI is an acoustic act guaranteed to perk anyone’s ears up and get them grooving to their fresh sound and mesmerising vocals. TIWI performs contemporary cover versions of current and classic hits and will definitely leave you smiling and having a good time. Taylor is an experienced, professional singer with a soulful and versatile voice. She has performed at most of Sydney’s leading music venues singing an array of styles, borth originals and covers, over her 10+ year career.  Through family, Taylor was re-acquainted with her ‘cuz’ Tyler who, having left NZ to pursue a new life in Sydney, was keen to pump out some jams. Being a skilled guitarist from former NZ covers band, 4Kicks, Tyler joined forces with Taylor to become TIWI – bringing fun-loving tunes to audiences, exciting them with their upbeat vibe and infectious grins.